Meet Popsical

I'm Popsical, your smart tour-wallet, I fit in all your domestic and international tours. Available for iPhone

Popsical is an easy travel expense tracker for iPhone. Designed to be fast, it takes the headache out of expense tracking so you can focus on the fun.

About Popsical

Have you planned a trip to France?
Did you just start booking for Travel & Stay?
Then you need this app!

Popsical is the simplest and fastest way to manage all your travel expenses. With the Popsical, you don't have to worry about the currency conversion. We have built a solution where it’s easy to convert real-time. Keep an eye on your native currency throughout your trip.

From France to Sydney and everywhere in between, You can feed information in every corner of the Globe.

Travel to the future

Popsical is best suited for casual travelers to check the statistics of their journey. This feature makes real time experience on how much they spend on each categories.

Travel expenses can add up faster than you might think with a list of all the categories you're likely to face on your next trip estimate how much you'll spend on each countries and create your tour, it give you a robust statistics.

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