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Last update: Jan, 2016

Popsical is a mobile application (App) that allows you to manage your tour expenses. You can create and update tour information such as tour name, departure and touring places ( counties and cities) with budget. While on the tour you can add, view, delete and export tour expenses. The privacy of your personally identifiable information (Personal Information) is important to us. We explain our privacy practices below. When you use our App you agree to abide by the terms of our privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy then please uninstall the app and we request you not to use our App.

Collection and Use

We only collect your Personal Information within the Popsical App except as necessary to provide you with use of our App, to respond to any questions you may have for us, or to contact you about matters related to our App.

User Feedback and Comments

We monitor content and comments posted about us online by users of our App, and we may re-share your comments, photos, and sometimes may tag you on the Popsical Facebook User Groups. If you do not wish to be identified or your photos removed, please contact us at

Social Media

Our App includes the ability to sign up via Facebook. We use Facebook only to verify your identity and we do not post any contents on your account with out your permission. Connecting to Facebook site may require use of your personal information to ensure you can access properly. We have no control over the information collected by third party apps.

Payment Information

We do not collect your payment information since the App does not have inapp purchases as of now.

Research, Improvements

We may perform analytics on your data to understand how our users interact and use our App so we can determine how to make our App better over time, introduce necessary features, conduct audits and troubleshooting activities, to measure the impact and effectiveness of certain features of our App for our users, and occasionally conduct surveys.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We will notify you by email or through our App when we make substantive changes to this Privacy Policy. You are always able to stop using our App should you disagree with any updates. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Contact infromation

If you have any queries relating to the protection and security of your data, please contact Provider at

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